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ELMAC is a company that provides and connects industrial suppliers of semi-finished products with customers from the machinery, plant and construction sectors.

We focus on labor-intensive products such as welded steel structures, the production of steel parts in single and small series production, as well as the production of mechanical parts.

We take care of your general and specific requirements through: selection of qualified and responsible subcontractors, initial testing of samples, transport conditions and logistics.

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Our Proffesional Team

Mara Bokić – Savić

External associate for consulting and standards implementation

Serbia (+381 64 528 16 46)

Amra Husejnović Matoruga

Founder & head of technology & production

Bosnia and Herzegovina (+387 62 149 673)

Eldar Matoruga

CEO & Regional Director IWE (Welding engineer) Technical support

Bosnia and Herzegovina (+387 64 402 8735)

Vladimir Miljković

Sales manager & Logistic

Switzerland (+417 64 173-677)

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Amra Husejnović Matoruga

Founder & Head of Technology & Production
(+387 62 149 673)
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